Welcome To Avalon Enchanted



Welcome to the magical "Isle of Apples" ~ the mystical island featured in the Arthurian legend where King Arthur's sword Excalibur was forged; and, where Arthur was brought to Morgan Le Fay - the Nebulous enchantress on this magical island to recover from his mortal wounds from Mordred. Avalon, from an early date, has been associated with mystical practices and people such as the aforementioned Morgan le Fay, or Morgana, High Priestess of nine fairy sisters that were all skilled healers, oracles, and shapeshifters. These nine magical sisters call this magical kingdom; lost in the mists of time, their home. Avalon has always been a mythical place, which serves as the gateway between worlds. It symbolizes purity, abundance and magic and is dedicated to spiritual connections. 

Avalon has long forged inner strength, and is an unconditional magical experience of the self allowing one to be who you are and feel what you feel; experiencing and expressing one's own magic and developing your own personal soverignty. For many, Avalon is a symbol allowing us to explore our inner truth and can transform our unwanted negative behavior patterns into positive ones. It encourages us to lead an authentic life rooted in true nature and to listen and harness our true inner voice. Everyone has their own unique paths to walk to find their true selves - their soul, their sovereignty.

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