Here's what people are saying about Tori


I met Tori about four years ago for my first card reading.  I am no stranger to tarot card readings as I have been receiving them for about fifteen years, but she is the one I have continued to return to.  She has been so accurate with readings she has helped me sort through some of the most challenging times in my life. She loves sharing the gift she has been given with others and she has been amazing!  

Not only do I continue to do tarot readings with Tori, but I was able to connect with my mother during a table tipping session.  It was nothing short of amazing!  I highly recommend meeting with Tori! 

Laura S.
Newport, RI

I've had two readings and attended a table tipping by Tori.  The reading was by far, the best I've ever had.  Tori is amazing, the real deal and I would highly recommend her readings and table tippings to anyone!!  In fact, I'm about to book her for another session with some work friends 🙂 

I  had recently changed jobs and was struggling with my decision, wondering if I had made the right move.  It was almost eerie how she hit on all the major points I had discussed with my aunt about my misgivings on the way to our readings. She warned me about someone in my new position that I shouldn't trust.  It helped me not to share too much and I'm so thankful I didn't because this girl turned out to be trouble just as Tori had predicted. I had never met Tori before and she would never have known about my situation or the personal things she brought up.  My aunt wasn't as easily convinced and when Tori mentioned some money issues she would be having my aunt thought she was way off base.  She called a few months later to tell me everything Tori told her about happened and how she was blown away by her accuracy.

The table tipping event was unbelievable.  Tori connected with many of the people present.  She spelled out specific names of the deceased and was able to reference hidden objects that only the people the messages were meant for knew about.  She spelled out the name of a friend that had recently been killed in a car accident & message I was to give his wife.  She referenced the name of his business so I'm sure it was really him - she never could have known about that connection!!.  By far, the most emotional point of the night was when the table tipped into the lap of a mother who was communicating with her 10 year old son that was killed in a car accident a few years ago.  She called it a "spirit hug" and said she never rushed those and let the "hug" last for as long as the spirit & his mom needed it to.  There was not a dry eye in the room.  

I have definitely found my permanent medium and can't wait for my next reading!!  Love her!! 

Jennifer C.
Sutton, MA

I've worked with Tori numerous times and she is always spot on! She is so very thorough and insightful. We've done Tarot Card readings and table tipping and created fun evenings with my close girlfriends!! Tori is particular about setting and preparing your space for a wonderful connection!

Penny K
Coventry, RI

Table Tipping

I first met Tori in June 2016 when my son and I took a ghost tour in Newport, Rhode Island. Tori was our tour guide and right away I could tell what a gifted and special person she was. She spent time talking to us after the tour was over and gave me her card. At the end of 2016 I contacted Tori to ask if she would come to Connecticut and do a table tipping session with my family so that we could communicate with my Dad who had recently passed away. Tori came in January 2017 and my whole family was instantly taken by her. She is such a genuine person and cares deeply about each person she talks with. My family and I did not know what to expect from the table tipping and Tori took plenty of time to explain the process and make sure that everyone was comfortable. She did not rush us and let us experience all of the emotions that come along with it at our own pace. The table tipping itself was very peaceful and comforting to me.

I participated in a second table tipping session in March 2017 and was once again amazed by Tori’s professionalism and how much she cares about every person she meets. She goes above and beyond to make sure that each person participating has the best experience possible. I can’t wait to do it again!

I would highly recommend Tori for any of her services.

Wendy C.
Bethel, CT

Tori did a wonderful table tipping session for my family.  Having recently lost a relative, this was a way for us to grieve and gain some answers and closure that we were looking for.  This was all of our first time with this type of spiritual phenomenon and Tori really put us at ease.  She explained the process each step of the way and allowed us to ask questions openly or privately to our family members’ spirits.  I would highly Tori for this unique experience.

Susan P.
N. Smithfield  RI

Past Life Regression

I had a past life regression session with Tori a few months ago. I went into the session with an open and very curious mind and an open heart. I had never been hypnotized before so the fear of the unknown for both being put under and going back was a bit unnerving at first yet my curiosity about both was much stronger.

Tori was wonderful! She immediately put me at ease and explained what I might experience during the session. It was pretty amazing and may explain why I have certain fears (fire and of being alone, for example) in this life. Even now, months later I still see the images quite vividly from the session.

Tori took notes of the key points I described while I was under and those notes were helpful even a few days later as I continued to remember things. Going back was both helpful and fun and has given me a better understanding of who I am right now. Thank you, Tori.

Lisa D.
Exeter, RI

For anyone who has ever considered having a Past Life Regression session done don't hesitate do it!!!! Make sure you have it done with Tori. I was very nervous I didn't know what to expect or how I would feel after. Tori made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She’s very friendly comforting and easy to talk to. I felt wonderful relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on the day after my session it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. If Tori ever comes back to New Hampshire I WILL DEFINITELY DO ANOTHER SESSION WITH HER!!! Try a session you won’t regret it. Thanks Tori 

Wendy K.
Northfield, NH



Have had many effective Reiki treatments by Tori.  I always leave feeling very relaxed and refreshed.  My tensions headaches seem to melt away as the warmth of her hands move around my head, neck and back.

Susan P.
N. Smithfield RI


Wedding Ceremony

When we found ourselves in need of a Justice of the Peace we thought Tori would be the perfect addition to our special night. We contacted Tori and she agreed without hesitation. Tori's professionalism and personal touches were by far beyond what we had expected.  She wrote some amazing passages which made our vows more meaningful and memorable.  We wouldn't have wanted anyone else to marry us. If you are looking for someone to marry you, don't hesitate to contact Tori.

Belinda W.
N. Smithfield RI