Ancient Egyptian Duality Healing

Egyptian Goddess Duality Healing is a channeled healing system created by Sekhmet , the Egyptian Lioness Goddess of war and healing designed to assist mind body and spirit. My work with Sekhmet over the years has led me around the world and more importantly to her sacred chapel inside the temple complex at Karnak in luxor. It was there I was guided to integrate the ancient ways of healing through touch with Sekhem Energy Healing (an an ancient Egyptian form of Reiki) and traditional Egyptian vibrational sound healing with cosmic energy.

To help instill Sekhmet’s healing energy, participants can also receive one-on-one healing energy through sacred Table Tipping. Table Tipping is a form of physical mediumship which allows one to connect with guides and ascended masters on a personal level and even receive downloaded energy treatments.

Allow Sekhmet to help remove and devour your energetic blocks and instill healing and calm tranquility that this wonderful healing modality provides. Egyptian Goddess Duality Healing calls in this powerful yet loving healing energy to help offer you magical healing energy to guide your mind body and spirit.


Egyptian Goddess Duality Healing With Table Tipping Healing: $222.00

Egyptian Goddess Duality Healing Without Table: $150.00


Ancient Egyptian Duality Healing