Angel Guide Oracle Readings & Angelic Healing

Angel Guided Oracle Readings:

Angels as we know are divine spiritual beings of light who love and support us in our daily lives. As a Certified Angel Guide, Tori facilitates an open, loving space for you to connect with the Archangels, your Guardian Angels, and Ascended Masters as they share their divine guidance, love, and healing with you in this Oracle card reading. During this reading, Through Angel Vision, Tori taps into your Auric Field to intuitively see and draw the angelic energies around you for you to take home. She also provides you with angelic messages with an Angel Guide Oracle Reading and introduces you your Angelic and Ascended Masters team or “Board of Directors” who has your back every day and loves you unconditionally.  

  • Angel Reading 45 Minutes ~ $125.00

Angel Guide Reading & Healing Sessions:

With the Angel Guide Reading & Healing Session, Tori provides the Angel Vision, the Angel Oracle Reading, and the introduction to your Angelic and Ascended Masters team as listed above and incorporates pure angelic healing based upon the messages that arose from your Oracle Card Reading. This might include Cord Cutting Ceremonies or even Hands-On Healing to alleviate stress so you can feel the angels’ comforting and loving energy closely. 

  • Angel Reading With Healing Component: 60 minutes $150.00