Crystals 101

Have you been looking for a thorough ON-LINE crystal class that walks you through how to use crystals and how to care for them for beginners? If so then this class is for you.

Cost: $135.00

This three-part video class lead by Tori from Avalon Enchanted will walk you through the following topics:
* How to care for your crystals
* What the different crystal shapes and clusters mean and when to use them
* How to use crystals with your the chakras
* What are complex crystals
* Dangerous crystals
* What crystals should I keep in my metaphysical “tool box”
* What’s the best crystals to use for what issues (protection & grounding, love & self love, Raising your vibration, boosting your intuition, relaxation, and kid friendly crystals)

As a bonus you will get a fourth class on Crystal Gridding for free! This free bonus class will discuss what is Crystal Gridding, how to use Crystal Gridding in your daily practice, and how to take care of your grids. We will also discuss how to use Crystal Gridding for home protection, manifesting, and abundance.

All four classes are a value of $180.00 for JUST $135.00.

Please note that this is an on-line class held in a private FaceBook group. Attend the class live on-line or catch the replay anytime you want. Each participant will will have unlimited access to Crystals 101 Class and it’s group container along with its printed content and its videos as long as you like. Crystals 101 has over 5 hours of quality video content along with printed materials designed exclusively for Crystals 101 AND a series of guided meditations/journeys with a certified hypnotherapist to help learn the true spirit of crystals and the magical world.

Scheduled live dates:
Thursday February 20th 7pm (et)
Friday February 28th 7pm (et)
Thursday March 5th 7pm (et)
Bonus: Thursday March 19th 7pm (et)