Table Tipping - A Favorite Pastime During Victorian Days

Table tipping is a form of mediumship, known as physical mediumship, because a physical phenomenon is produced!  In this hands-on form of spirit communication, spirits of the highest vibration (Angels, guides, and loved ones, including pets) will tip, tap, and spell out personal messages of love and healing using the table.  Your angels and guides are always there to support and guide you.  It is also common to hear from not only your loved ones, Angels, and guides, but Ascended Masters (Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, and Merlin etc.), may also appear on the table to guide you and bring uplifting, healing, and important messages. Loved ones in spirit will communicate with their friends and family members through the table by tapping; with Tori's assistance.

Table tipping; or "table tilting" was made popular in the Victorian Age throughout Europe and the U.S. as a form of physical mediumship seance. Tipping seances were held on a number of occasions in the Lincoln Whitehouse.  It has been documented that President and Mrs. Lincoln sat in on and participated on a series of Table Tipping Seances during the Lincoln Administration. Table tipping is a lost art that fell out of favor as the Spiritualist Movement was heavily scrutinized by the likes of Harry Houdini and others.  Recently Table Tipping has experienced a resurgence to bring it back as a legitimate form of physical mediumship.


Everyone takes a seat at a round, three-legged pedestal table. After a short meditation and protection prayer, spirit is invited to come through the Table. Spirit causes it to move up and down, or tip, and will answer questions and spell out messages. An amazing and unforgettable experience!

Available for private groups and home parties.

Table Tipping Offerings. These sessions feel like a healing session and a psychic reading in one.

  • Individual table tipping sessions are generally 1 hour in length and the cost is $150.00.  (Travel Fee may apply)*
  • Small Group 3 or more 8 max table tipping sessions (are generally 90 minutes and the cost is $88.00 per person. (Travel Fee may apply)*
  • Private Table Tipping Parties.  You provide the home, friends/family, and chairs and Tori will provide the rest! $88.00/person Minimum: 5 participants.  Add a Mini Tarot reading to your Table Tipping experience for just $30.00 more. (Travel Fee may apply)*

*A Travel Fee is charged to the host for traveling (over 50 miles) from Jamestown, RI. This fee should be determined when booking the event.

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